Extended Family

Assalamu'alaikum. As years go by, there will be some extension to our nuclear families, right? And then there will be those who are related to us by marriage, no longer only by blood. And we learn to love and live together as one big family. Here are two pictures of my extended family taken in the village recently:

That's how my late grandpa's (whom I called 'Atok') house looks like from outside, which is very contradict with the way it looks inside. You can see it in the later picture below.

Atok built it when I was in secondary school to rent it out and my mom recently made some renovation to the old house to accomodate all of us every now and then we happen to be there. See the contradiction?

And each time Junior is around, the second cousins will gather to bring the house down, so to speak - even broke the sofa once. But I don't mind a bit. They ain't heavy, they're my families.


  1. Apa apa pun nai....yang di dalam tu yang paling penting kaann...apalah ada pada rupa luaran..

  2. kira bleh guna istilah "jangan di nilai pd luarannya saje" la ni ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Takde la banglo.. Elok la sket kat dlm tu.. Tambah bilik & bilik air..


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