Colors of My Love

Johor Premium Outlet was fine, yeah. But I wasn't really in the mood to shop.
Where has my shopping desire gone?
Anyways, here's a picture ~ Wait, the ONLY picture at the JPO!
My.. I have aged that much, now haven't I?

Instant Hijab ~ Zinni, bought it from Aisyah Scarf.
Blouse & Print Palazzo ~ BELLE.
Handbag ~ Esfolar.
Shoes ~ Scholl.

I did buy two pieces of PDI long sleeves shirts, though.
From the gents' department, mind you.
And I'm actually thinking of giving one of them to my brother.

Anyways, there goes nothing from me. Thanks for reading.
Until next entry, Cheerio...!
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. but u still did some shopping kan.. y no mood. YA ALLAH.. kalau kak yan bermood - mood.. heeee

    1. Yep, window shopping je it turned out.. ^_^ mood utk shopping makin xde, kak.. Now suka kumpul jam tgn je it seems.


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