Go Casual & Easy, It's Hot Right Here

It's hot all year round here in Malaysia, especially at the beach.
It's like summer with occasional rain in the evening. 365 days all through.
So, hijabis really love casual outfits ~ cotton especially.
Here's how I wore at the Felda Residence, Port Dickson quite some time ago.

The ensemble:
Plain Pashmina from Jalan TAR
Ethnic Cotton Blouse from Sarawak
Cotton-linen pants from BELLE

I had a little burn after two days at the private beach of the resort.
Kak Liza, Kak Ros and I posed before driving back to KL, with the sun shone ever so brightly upon us. If not because of the shades, I would have been blinded, it seemed.
So, go casual and easy each time you go to the beach areas...

That's all, thanks for reading. Bye for now. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Masih peminat belle ? Akak dah tak blh pakai baju2 belle....takde size daaa... Sedihhh
    Anyways u really look sweet .. :)

    1. Masih.. Cuma dah lama tak beli. Duk pakai stok sediakala.. Ada la size, belek betul2..

  2. ooo baru tau peminat belle ye....ekekkekekeke

  3. As salam my lovely sis Nai,

    Como estas?

    Kenapa tak pernah dgr ttg jenama Belle ni ye! Alahai ketinggalannye saya ni :)

    Bercita2 utk bergaya & cantik like u lah sis ;))

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam lovely Maria... BELLE ni local brand, dear. Kat Jusco Wangsa Maju, SACC Mall, Ampang Point antara outlets nya. U mmg dah selalu cantik & bergaya la, deq...! ^_^


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