Print My Day Awkwardly

It used to be a 'crime' to wear print shirts with print hijabs. Well, now it's acceptable as a trendy fashion. But still I have worn that way next to never. The first time ever and the closest I've come to match such prints was last week when I was on the way back to KL from Johor Baharu. To tell you the truth, the prints of the day made me feel awkward and subconsciously uncomfortable at the passenger seat. Here's a picture to share:

The fact that the instant hijab had some plain to it did help a little bit. But still, I might not be able to do that again, really. I'm okay with other people doing it, so long as they are cool about it. May be it's just me against the trend. But I'm a firm believer of doing what feels right to my own self. 

Anyways, thanks for reading this piece. Nothing, really. Have a great weekend, everybody...! Bye for now. 
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je. 


  1. Sama kita....akak pun tak blh nk sarung hijab bercorak dgn baju bercorak...rasa terlalu meriah dan kalut...hahaha
    Lama tak tunjuk fesyen yg u pakai nai...nak tengok...n nak tiruuu :-D

    1. Nai biasa amik gambo secara solo, kak... Itu yg paras bahu je semer gambo... Heheheh.


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