Fave Hangout Cafe ~ PASTEL

Each and everyone of us have their own favorite hangout place, I'm sure.
If we were to vote, the polls are going to be ranging from ordinary stalls to mamaks to restaurants to lounges to clubs to cafes and what not.  
Mine is PASTEL, about which I already blogged some time back (here) and (here).
Apparently it's my sister's fave hangout as well.

Such a cozy cafe. You won't believe how young its owner is. Ever so hardworking young Malay woman. She's always been so busy with catering and joining bazaars other than running the cafe. So proud to have known such an enterprising lady!

My sister and I used to talk about having our own dining or cafe.
Well, one of our small talks over a slice of cake donkey years ago. She's an architect with passion for Interior Design, so she's crazy with what Pastel has in store.

Some people thought I have some shares in this cafe, what a thought!
It's just that I  love it so much that I keep going and promoting others to go there. So, if you happen to be around the Setiawangsa neighborhood, do pay a visit.
You won't regret it, I tell you.

That's all, thanks for reading. Until next entry, Cheerio! 
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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