Post-Miscarriage Care ~ Personal Experience

Assalamu'alaikum. Post-Natal care for Malays is mandatory, that's for sure. But there are different school of thoughts with regard to post-miscarriage care. Some say A'ah, no such thing as confinement for miscarried women, just take care of the food and drinks. Some however say it's even stringent than the post-natal care. But I chose to adopt the latter view, with some modifications.

Traditional Medication - (apart from taking the antibiotics given by the doctor, of course).

I stumbled upon a website, whose owner happened to be a grandson of my former lecturer, Tan Sri Dato' Syed Agil al-Barakbah. He doubled confirmed with his consultant mom and delivered to my house 3 essential NR (formerly known as Nona Roguy) products for a miscarriage like mine, which was at 8 weeks:-

1) PhytoNatal 90 tablets - 2 x daily after meals (thorough cleanser of the womb);
2) Minyak Herbanika 130ml - applied on the affected areas, before wearing corset and girdle;
3) Minyak Berubat Herba 120 ml - applied onto the pad for thorough absorption.

By far they have proven very beneficial to me. I really recommend this Syed Junior to all of you who are interested in NR products. He'd explain at length what's good to you and not only hunt for your money. To me, that spells lifetime marketing style. And very Islamic, which is rare nowadays among all walks of lives.

Berbengkung ~ Wrapping your body like a corset, literally.

I forgot where I put my bengkung, seriously. So I've just been using my corsets and girdles as the substitutes. Wear it all the time, just like the socks.. to be taken off only during showers and massages/hot compression.

Traditional Massage & Hot Compression (Bertungku)

Mom's 'associate' has been called to come over to my house to give me intensive massage and hot compression for three consecutive mornings. For she knew her daughter too well to let her do the bertungku thingy all by herself - she might end up sleeping or facebooking, if not blogging. Heheheh. Silly Nai! The 3 day intensive care will be summed up with herbs bath.

Bersalai (Err... What is it in English, eh?)

This one I don't have the means to do.. So I decided to substitute the ritual with Zhulian Contiago Bio-Ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad (here). With similar functions of Bersalai, in my humble opinion. Or may be more.. Thank God I've always had the mattress in my possession.

Herbs Bath

Even if I wouldn't be having herbs bath for more than the scheduled three consecutive days, it's ok. Go for hot bath, water heater would serve the purpose, that is what I keep telling myself. And I by far have also opted for Binari's Lulur Scrub and Watson's Exfoliating Body Polish (Organic Green Apple) which were already in the bathroom of mine.
*Note: Why not try to make full use of what we already have in store? Doesn't mean we have to buy everything new.. Here's a picture of the things I've been using:-

Length of Confinement

Well, some say it's a fat 44 days, just like post-natal one. Some say 30. Others 20. I'm taking the medium one, I guess. 30 days would be good enough, perhaps. What about the intimate confinement, then? Post-natal is a fat 100 days, agreed? Post-Miscarriage I'm not so sure. But according to my gynae, the womb has to wait 3 months before any pregnancy takes place after a miscarriage. This is in concurrent with the traditional view as well. Reason being to ensure full force of the womb itself. That as far as the next conceive is concerned. To be bound by it or not, it's out of the question. Some made it alright without even waiting much. But others didn't. That depends on one's health and luck, I guess.

Well, that's about it dear friends. I hope this helps in any way possible. You take care. Thanks for reading. I'm humbled. Till next entry, Cheerio...! Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je. Assalamu'alaikum.


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