Layering Maxi Dress

السلام عليكم

It's been a while since my last purchase of any maxi dress from Hijabi Boutique. Loads of them already in my closet, that's why. And it takes all might not to get drooled when I browsed today.

I bought last time a pair of this kinda maxi dress.

But mine is this color.

And I layered it with a print tunic like this.

Wore it when I went to KL Pavilion a few months back to watch The Skyfall. Good idea for the heavily air-conditioned area. Now it's Peplum Season and I'm posting my look wearing a peplum soon. When I'm okay to make a public appearance, of course.. Hehehe. Until then, do take care.. Thanks for reading. Bye for now. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.

السلام عليكم

N/B: As per requested by dearest Rin Maira, here are another 2 pictures for a better view of such layering.. ^_^

That's a wrap, then...

...Nai at Tak Pe Je. (Thanx to Cikgu Su for the lovely shawl from Aisyah Scarf)


  1. Lorrrr takde gambar u diri ke tpj......hik3..nk tgk layer2nya tu.... :)

    1. Xde malangnya, dear.. Sebab sendirik amik guna henfon. Heheh. Xpe, next time i pakai lg sekali & suh org amikkan.. ^_^

    2. ehh magic...dah ada....brlah nampakk.......hehe
      baguslah..leh buat 2 dlm satu...skirt pun bulee...

    3. Ha'ah.. Usaha la pakai semula style yg sama, suh adik amik.. Ye la, dah cuti ni bukan ada buat apa pon.. Bagus kan maxi dress ni? Sebab 2 pieces.. Mcm2 bleh buat.

    4. heheeheh suke suke....yelah lupe...u tgh cuti lg....ingatkan gobek2 album cr gak gambar yg berdiri....

    5. Cuti.. Tu yg terover byk entries.. Dulu cuti sebab bleeding. Lps tu sambung cuti sebab confinement.. Gilos busan..


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