There Goes Adam & Hawa, Darling!

Assalamu'alaikum. So yesterday was the final episode of Adam & Hawa. For those who've not been fans went like: Yesssss...Finally! But for those who've been die-hard fans never seemed to want it to end. I was quite frustrated to witness a finale that turned out to be a laughing stock in the Facebook.

Yeah, it was meant to potray a happy ending, I know. But a newborn baby who was a bit too grown for her one day young was just.. errr... Laughable. She was apparently camera friendly ~ born actor, may be? This baby's eyes were so alive unlike others of the same age, who have to wait a few weeks to do so. And everybody seemed to be there, except for Johan's parents. Even Dee and Muzzafar were there...! One more thing, I've never seen so many people took turn to hold such a newborn 'fresh from oven'. I might have only one kid so far, but from my experience, the nurse didn't allow us to do such thing. But yeah, may be I wasn't in that very hospital...

Then again, it was good to see how romantic Am and Ain before the curtain was down. I felt quite uneasy, though to watch the intimacy of them both, eventhough I realized it was only an acting. May be it's just me...

Anyways, now that it's over, can you foresee any motion picture next in line?

That's all... Bye for now. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je. Assalamu'alaikum.


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