Life Is A Series of Hellos and Farewells

Assalamu'alaikum. Last two weeks we threw another farewell party to our recent practical student, Salwa at the Little Penang Village Restaurant, Great Eastern Mall. By now I guess she's already a teacher, since she never wanted to practice law.

Here's a picture of us, having a great time, with Salwa on my right and Akma on my left.

What I wore was of the following:
Laced-cotton shawl - Jalan TAR
White Long-Sleeve Shirt - Ti:Zed Ladies
Blue Chiffon Blouse - Miss Allysya
Print Maxi Skirt - Miss Allysya

Students come and go, I decided long ago better cherish every minute we had together.
May Salwa have fun in her chosen career. To me, this life is a series of hellos and farewells.
So, there goes my hello.. time to bid farewell now.
Thanks for reading, love you all for that. 
Until next time, Cheerio!
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. thanks for your comment and support!
    hope you had a good time at this little farewell party ;)

  2. good luck utk salwa..
    semoga pilihan yg dipilih sukses :D

  3. Canteknya Nai macam anak dara so keep it up

    1. Aduh, kakak.. Kenyang tak mkn la nai arini... ^_^


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