Paddy Field Delite (Selera Bendang)

Assalamu'alaikum. Most of us Malaysians come from kampung, but not everybody knows what paddy field delight is all about. There's a very modest restaurant in Sabak Bernam , Selangor that serves out of this world such delight. Known simply as 'Sajian Selera Bendang', you're looking at the most exotic traditional cuisine that you thought you'd never find anymore now that your grand grand mamas have long since gone.

They don't open before Asar prayer but it can be arranged with one phone call. You see the pink and white striped t-shirt guy in the picture above? That's the owner-cum-chef, by the name of Abang Rosli. He's running the basic restaurant with his wife and kids. It's a family business ~ you can say that, yeah. Here are the pictures of the wonderful dish (some of them ~ Yang lain dah selamat masuk perut):

Haruan ~ the fastest to go.

Patin Masak Lemak ~ Northern Style

Sepat Masak Cili ~ Dreamy Ones.

Kedondong Asam Boi ~ Divine

One thing to note, however. This is a very modest restaurant, so please be prepared for loads of shortcomings. If you're looking for an air-cond and comfortable place to eat, this might not be the one. But if you're okay with the heat and lack of facilities like my friends and I, then it's a place must go. Let's pray for their better financial standing and they sure will rock this world.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, love you to bits. Until next time, Cheerio. Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je. Assalamu'alaikum.

*N/B: Maharaja Lawak Mega ~ Boboi was the best last night, even though they only finished at 4th place. I guess they were a little bit too late to pick up with the top 3. Never mind, it was to me the best finale by far, with all contestants gave their very best.


  1. eh! Selera Bendang..dekat dah dgn rumah saya ;) sedap kan makanan kt situ...lagi2 air kedondong asam boi tu....mmng bez..hihi...

    1. sis if gi lgi mkn kt this rest try tempe berempah..sedap gak...

    2. Insya Allah.. Akak kurang sket tempe, tapi mana la taw kot yg berempah punya bleh tersangkut.. Tq, deq.. Awak bleh jd duta Sajian Selera Bendang...! ^_^

  2. wahhh masakan kampung x pernah makan haruan tu....lebih kurang rs cam ikan keli ke?

    1. Lain rasanya, dear.. Kalu tak kena cara semer ikan bendang hanyir.. Kat sini tak de langsung, mmg best gilos..


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