The More The Merrier, Nuclear Against Extended Families

Malays are all about family ties, if I were to define. A whole bunch of relatives. So, when you marry a Malay, you marry the entire clan. Well, generally speaking. I guess it's almost the same thing with Indians, Koreans or even Italians. Where family means not only nuclear family, but also extended ones.

Mine is seriously packed, I tell you. Let's see how Nikah Day of a second cousin looked like ~ when half of the clan gathered from all over the place to show support, you can even say that. This, mind you was the case of a 'visiting ceremony'. Just imagine how it's gonna look like for a 'home ceremony'....!

Other grooms might feel nervous to see such a crowd, but not those who belong to this clan.
They would feel well loved and supported and less nervous. Oh My! Thank God I was born a she. I would be nervous prick, that's for sure.

Oh, there was Nai! With Junior, of course.

What more can I say other than "The More The Merrier...!"
If you can't stand this, better think TWICE.

That's all, thanks for dropping by. Until next entry, Cheerio..!
Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


  1. Dah puas sunyi jadi anak tunggal....
    lg ramai lg meriah :)

  2. Buahahahhahahaha..
    Your post got me laugh so hard, Kak.
    It also happens here.
    When I go somewhere new, I often find people knows my family who's been married with a cousin or a member of extended family. Too complicated :D
    We finally only say, "Aaaah so we are family"

    1. Hehhe.. Those who are in the same boats would understand... LOL..

  3. Replies
    1. Yg jenis suka privacy susah sket, kak... Heheh. Ngalahkan parabola berita sampai!


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