Vintage Ourselves, It's Peplum Season...!

السلام عليكم

I'm upset with the quality of pictures taken with ipad, seriously. But better than nothing, here's a picture of myself with a peplum blouse. Junior is not schooling today but his school will commence on Monday, despite Thaipusam holiday nationwide. So he's the acting cameraman today. Even he knows to complain, "The photos not pretty, mummy.."

The ensemble was:

- Huge Print Hijab : Sydney Warehouse
- Pumpkin Peplum Blouse : The Poplook
- A-Cut Skirt : from my kurung modern

I just came back from an informal meeting, my first in a long time with my BFF, Sue N. She looked so slim and vibrant in her Air Force uniform.. Seemed like Herbalife supplements really worked for her! Plus, now these days of late she's been wearing the very expensive corset thingy from Elken.

Hurmm.. Good for her! Anyways, Happy Peplum Season...! ^_^
This is how it's supposed to look like, by the way: (taken from The Poplook's website). Not that bright, nonetheless. It's pumpkin, okay?


  1. Replies
    1. Waduh3x... ^_^ tq, deq.. Sungguh Vintage kurasakan.

  2. sweet,
    kaler peplum tu menarikkkkk hati sy..

    alahai bilalah nak kurus niii nak pakai peplum jugak

  3. Cantik la... ;) mmng tgh demam peplum kan skrg nie...

  4. lawaa lah nk beli tapi takut ketat sgt plak...heheee

    1. Sebab takut ketat la nai beli size L.. Sekali mcm baju pinjam kat bahu & pinggang.. Boleh tu, you lagi boleh kalu nai boleh.


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