A little Bit Red Instant Hijab

Assalamu'alaikum. I got a new Syria Instant Hijab, see?

And the above picture was meant to showcase my new ring and bangle. Got them from a family friend who went to perform Umrah recently. I love them so much that I've been wearing them almost everyday.

And this one was taken after my appointment at the KL Sentral. The person whom I met thought I had some kind of trouble, coz the white inner cap seemed to peek out of the place. That had almost choked me with my hot latte. Well, "sir" I said, "this is fashion.." And he went, "Ooooo..."

So cute.

Oh, ya! I've changed my phone ringtone to this song:

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  1. client ko punya statement mmg tak leh blah la

    1. Dia mmg.. Maklum la, dah dkt 50-an.. Pangkat ayah2 kita.

  2. Ya Allah...dekat2 50an tu pangkat ayah2 u? Hahaa means that my hubby pangkat2 ayah u laa hahahaa...i mesti bgtau dia nih...he is 53!!....i? Blh jd mak u ke? 45 baru kot
    Hahaaa gelak besar i hari ni...aduhh naiii

  3. heheehehehheheheeheh gelak je tak sudah....


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