Wednesday Outdoor Overload

Assalamu'alaikum. I've been attending appointments outdoor since morning. Now I'm writing this at a nearby Starbucks. Alone. Waiting for another appointment after Asar. And the last one for today would be after Isya' prayer. A little bit too packed, actually. However, I somehow found myself time to window shop for any latest shawls.

See the outfit for today, isn't it quite casual? I chose to layer the green blouse with a yellow sleeveless knitted top and pair it with a beige A-Cut skirt. The colorful striped hijab however seemed to make everything even less formal, don't you think?

Thank God the salesgirl of the hijab kiosk was such a good sport and happily snapped a few pictures for me. There you go.. Hope you like what you saw. Catch you later, dear friends. Thanks for dropping by, love you much!

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