Under The Same Sun

Assalamu'alaikum. Here's a picture of myself taken earlier this morning. My old friend just came back from London and Paris and gave me a new maxi shawl from Primark. Very nice shawl. Love it to death! Can't wait to go there myself..!

My day started early.. After Subuh prayer already hit the road to Subang and back. Took breakfast at home and went to get groceries but Jusco wasn't open yet. Thank God Giant came to the rescue. Gonna have an appointment later after lunch.

What a productive Sunday it's been by far..!

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  1. So pretty! And I love the read scarf you're wearing too, with those awesome lucite sunglasses :D

    1. Thanx a million.. For dropping by & leaving your comment. M honored..

  2. Sentiasa dgn gaya yg berlainan kalo pakai shawl......
    kalo pi sana belikan ai ye...heheeheh sebok je

    1. Boleh... Xde hal..! Doakan kita sampai sana, ek..


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