Leopard Meets Abaya, dear Shawl..

Assalamu'alaikum. I'm wearing an abaya today. Black and basic. With leopard print maxi shawl from Etcetera KL. That has somehow appeared to be quite a statement for my OOTD. At least to me, darlings.. ;)

I'll be talking a lot about Etcetera KL from today onwards. Please bear with me, ya.. ^_^
It's my sister's first online business, actually. I'll do my level best to help in every possible way WITHIN my capacities.

Oh, by the way.. I've got my 1st aviator shades today!

I'd love to get my hands on the famous aviator shape per se, but my shortcomings are too serious that the optometrist didn't recommend. So, I've gotta settle for the look-alike from Calvin Klein Jeans.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for dropping by, love you much!

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  1. U r gorgeous as usual Nai...suka sgt ngan baju n tudung tu

  2. insyaAllah...
    kalo ada yg berkenan nnti
    ai akan 'melabur' kt ctu yer.....

    1. Itu la.. Setakat ni blom meriah lagi stok nya.. Baru naik signboard kata org.. Tqvm..

  3. Ecetra kl ada fb ke blog ke...mcmana nk oder or tgk2 brg ?
    Cpt2 la bg meriah ye :))

    1. Akak masuk dl nai punya blog.. Ada nai Like page tu..


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