Bali, the Island of Arts

Assalamu'alaikum. I love arts and thus, I find Bali a very magnificent island full of arts left right center. And I really have this ambition to fill my house with a few collections of arts from Bali, when I can afford to do so. Insya Allah.

When I went to one of the must-see tourist attractions in Bali, I decided to have my Ukhti T-shirt hand printed with scenery drawing. Right now I don't have a photo that shows the finished product of the same. May be later.. And yeah, you just need to give a tip from your own heart and pocket to the artist.

And the art gallery was just out of this world, I tell you. That's what I meant by filling my house with the art collections some day. And actually you can find more affordable ones outside the gallery. Like, they're everywhere in the street. All you need is to pick and choose.

And there were statues, of course. But we can't possible put any in our houses, right? Anyways, point is, it's an island full of arts. That has made me feel so humbled.

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  1. cantik kan decoration org Indo ni, pernah pegi Bandung deco dia mmng nyaman je....

    1. Ha'ah kan? Bandung byk sulam-menyulam, kan? Pon lawa..

  2. byk tak sesuai dgn jiwa english ai.........hahaa...

    1. So I thought.. Tapi awak pegi dulu, gila byk deco utk rumah..


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