Growing Pains

Assalamu'alaikum. I have always had mixed feelings everytime I go to KL Sentral. Especially if I take the LRT to go there. Like today. But something was very different with me when I left.

I felt so... well, grown up? That made me a little bit uneasy inside. It was like facing the truth and embracing it with my entire system. That sure was quite something, to me at the very least.

But yes, life is but a process of growing up. Let's just go on living in our own separate ways. In the end, we're going back to our Creator.
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  1. sonok kerja mcm nai kan..leh kutip byk pengalaman hidup org lain...byk pengajaran leh dpt...

  2. Nai, walaupun penat tapi akak yakin Nai boleh buat. Adat bekerjalah Nai, sentiasa ada traffic light nye.

    1. Ye la kak.. Dah nama pon keja.. Tq so much.. Sayang kamoo ketat2..


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