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Assalamu'alaikum. I have always loved islands and beaches (not bitches, ok?). But if I were to choose between Phuket and Bali, I'd vote for Phuket. That was before I went to Bali recently. Now I beg to differ. But yeah, first love remains in your hearts forever..

Just like Phuket, rumours said that you won't find halal food easily in Bali. Again, that has gotta be experienced yourselves to prove otherwise. When there's a will, there's a way. You've gotta make it very clear to your tourist guide how steadfast you are when it comes to halal hub. And I tell you what, you've just gotta go to a seafood restaurant called 'Warung Akame'. Mind blowing to the max, really! Here are two pictures taken from its blog (warungakame.blogspot.com):-

If you feel like sitting in a gazebo kinda place, you can choose to sit here with an extra charge of IDR 100k, approximately USD 10.00 / MYR 31.00. But if you can't stand mosquitos, I'd rather not if I were you, especially at night. We sat there and decided not to the 2nd night we went. Yeah, we went there two consecutive nights. Too wonderful, as you may conclude.

And for those who're rushing to the airport and wanna have a fab Padang cuisine, do try Rumah Makan ACC, which is only 5 minutes away from Bandara Denpasar. I affix herewith a photo from Irene. A (foursquare.com):-

Like all Minang restaurants in Indonesia, they would line up all kinds of dishes and you can savour any or every plate thereof. I didn't even bother others and focused on its extra fabulous beef rendang. Too good, really! For 7 plates we took, together with cold drinks (4 of us), the total bill was hardly IDR 100k. Alhamdulillah...

Well, that's all for today.. Would blog more about my trip to Bali later. And do forgive me for just affixing pictures from other sources. As usual, I didn't get to snap much photos at eating places coz before I knew it, everything just disappeared from the plates! Anyways, thanks for dropping by.. Love you much!

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