My Dream Red Velvet, Hi There Pavlova!

Assalamu'alaikum. Last Friday night we went to the Delicious, Duo Residence, KL. Can't get enough of the place, really. Here's a picture taken from its website:

I mostly love the Red Velvet offered by the luxurious restaurant. But I was let down by the fact that the cake tasted and even smelled funny.

Must be the cheese, I guess. They asked me to choose another dessert in replace thereof.

So I chose Pavlova, which was awesome. But still, I was thinking of my favorite cake. Next time, Nai, next time.

Care to join me?

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  1. heyyyy.. favorite akak kalau ke Delicious.. sedapppp...

  2. pavlovaaaa aaaa sedappp.
    hensemnya jejaka tu kak kem salam nnt ya ;)

    1. Sedap.. A bit too sweet, though bg akak. Tak leh lawan Red Velvet dorang - tak la manis sgt.
      Jejaka itiew? Owh... Insya Allah... ^_^

  3. owhh cedapnyaa......teringin nk makan kt lum berbudget...hehee


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