WTF Are Men Thinking

Assalamu'alaikum. When I went out for a date with my hubby last week, I bagged myself a mind-blowing book, WTF Are Men Thinking? The first ever reaction from him was, "Is there any WTF Are Women Thinking?". I guess that's at least one common interest both genders have. That is, to know what on earth are we thinking. Like, the feeling is in fact mutual.

Anyways, I've covered the 1st part of the book, i.e. Communication. I'm on the 2nd now, i.e. Dating. And why do I want to read this book? Because I'm a woman and he is a guy and I seldom have the clue as to what he's actually thinking. To me, there's no limit to getting to know your own self or your own spouse or BOTH, for that matter. And at least whatever input I'm getting from the book will help me to understand guys' thinking in general. That, my ladies will be a whole good thing to us!

So, yeah.. I got it for RM39.90 at the MPH. But what I got was way beyond that amount of money. 250,000 men were involved in the making of this particular awesome book, which was founded on a series of researches. I don't know you, but I for once is dying to know WTF are men thinking!

Holler to Christopher Brya & Miguel Almaraz IV...!

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