Muslimah Swimsuit Cover-up

Assalamu'alaikum. I bought two pairs of swimsuit cover-ups in Lumut Jetty, Perak last year. The first time I wore it to layer a tight maxi dress for a wedding ceremony of my friend. And the second was when I went to Bali recently to layer my swimsuit, which let's just call.. Served the purpose, shall we?

It really worked, you know. A least you won't be seen in your swimsuit all the time, even when you're not near water. Coz I always feel self-conscious in swimsuit, the cover-up is a darling to me, dear friends..!

Some people like to use pario to serve such purpose. I bought a pair myself, but I used it as a hijab. Ngeee... Well, fine with me. So long as it's not hot a material. Here's a picture of myself wearing the pario-turned-hijab after the water slide and snorkeling in the ocean:

Bottom line is, we should be firm when it comes to our personal stand, what more our religious teachings. Well, that's it, girls. Thanks for dropping by, love you much!

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