Baggy Friday

Assalamu'alaikum. Juma'ah Barakah, dear friends. How are you doing? I just came back from an appointment in 19 USJ City Centre, Subang Jaya. And just finished taking my dinner. Ahamdulillah. Here's my OOTD that I'm still wearing while typing this entry:

The ensemble was:
- Square Maxi Shawl : Nadia Hijabs
- Maxi Top :
- Palazzo : The Poplook

Can't really see the palazzo, right? That's why I affixed herewith the picture taken from the Poplook's website for a closer look.

Ok, my friends. Time to freshen myself up and pray Isya'. You have a wonderful weekend, ya.. Thanks for dropping by. Much love, Nai.

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