Dressing Down On Saturday

Assalamu'alaikum. I went out after Asar prayer today to the nearby mall. Clad in my old grey jeans, I felt and looked very casual.

My OOTD was:
- Maxi Shawl : Nadia Hijabs
- Blouse : Ampang Park Bundle
- Jeans : Lee 251 (Fit)
- Shoes : Factory Outlet, KL Sentral
- Handbag : MBMJ

Junior had misplaced his watch at swimming class last week, so I bought him a new one. This time a much cheaper one. He's been sad for a week, aching for the lost birthday gift from his dad. Didn't have the heart to let him 'suffer' any longer, actually.

But yeah, he got what he wanted. Should he ever loses that watch in near future, I wouldn't mind that much, for it cost me only RM65. ^_^

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