Consequence of Events, Samsung Ultrabook Review

Assalamu'alaikum. Yesterday was such a packed Thursday for me, dear friends. Right after a scheduled appointment I went to a bank at Bukit Bintang. The traffic wasn't of help at all and I had to wait 4 numbers before my turn. It was 1.30pm, as you can see. And guess what? I was supposed to see someone at LCCT Sepang before that person's flight at 3.00pm. I sent a text and ended up not going for the last boarding time was 2.15pm and the fastest I could get there would be around 2.30pm. Oh My...!

So I went back to the office, greeted by my new gadget. Meet Mr. Samsung Ultrabook, dear friends.. ;)

I decided to bag myself this ultrabook after due consideration and comparison with Apple Macbook Air, simply because the latter cannot support flash players like it does. And because of the price, of course. Even though the difference is a few hundreds, still I couldn't bring myself to settle for something much more expensive with several shortcomings. Had the latter supported flash players, I would have closed my eyes and spent that surplus few hundreds. Oh, by the way, this ultrabook has touch screen function, you see. Even though that wasn't why I bought it. I kinda like it, really. I mean, who wouldn't, right?

But yeah, I hope I made a good decision. Thing is, the speed was a bit slow last night when I used it the first time at home. Come to think of it, someone must have been downloading things. Hence, the slow speed of the wifi. Why? Because there's no such problem by far at the office. Anyhow, Macbook Air never had such problem at home even when someone was downloading anything. Then again, there's no such perfect app in this world, right? 

That's all, you guys. Thanks for dropping by. Love you so much for that. Until next entry, Cheerio..! Much Love, Nai at Tak Pe Je.


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