Sparkling Red & White Grape Juice

Assalamu'alaikum. We used to get loads of disapproving looks from strangers at the hyper marts each time we held a few bottles of sparkling juice in our hands a few years back. Back then sparkling juice wasn't common at all to the society at large, so they thought we were consuming liquor. Not many knew that sparkling juice despite packed in such a way that it resembles liquor, it is non-alcohol and hence, HALAL.

My favorite is J & W Sparkling Red and White Grape Juice. I often mix it a little with plain water, so that it won't taste a way too sweet. I personally think the White Grape Juice tastes somewhat lighter and less sour. But then again, it's up to one's preference, really.

What about you, dearest friends? Oh, by the way, this reminds me so much of what Junior once said, "Mummy, ustaz said in Jannah there's a river of liquor. Those who don't drink liquor in this world will get to do so in the next.." Then I said, "If we wanna swim also can.."

Well, meantime... Let's drink sparkling juice, ya? ;)

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