Arabian Luncheon & Shoes Hunting

Salam. It's been a while since I last saw this family friend of mine, let's just call her "DL", shall we? A few school holidays came and gone, still we couldn't find time for some catching-up. Other than FB and Whatsapp, of course. Old school way, I mean. Until yesterday, when I took KLIA Transit Express Rail Link (ERL) to Putrajaya. DL picked me up and together we went to Alamanda Putrajaya.

Hungry to bits, we went to a Middle-Eastern restaurant, Sahara Tent. The deco, especially the settee and the curtain reminded us so much of an Arabian cozy restaurant at which we had a blast in Malaga last year.

We both ordered Mandi Chicken and Hot Latte.

I wish we had brought along some cili padi, for the blended tomato sauce wasn't spicy AT ALL. Other than that, the food was superb. I've tasted much, much better some other places, though.

There were some Toyota beauties at the Exhibition Hall.  

We both fell in love with this Red Beauty.

But since the beauty was too sexy for us, we went for something we could afford ~ Shoes Hunting...!

Someone was contemplating, hurmmm....

So.... which one, DL?

Choose one pair or just take all?

My selection. Love At First Sight...

Hehehe. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Hey, wait! Shoes Hunting Only, TPJ...!!!
*Sigh ~ Ya, of course. Gotta give myself a pat on the shoulder for behaving well. 

Sometimes we girls just have gotta reward ourselves with an outing or two. To keep sane, one way or another.
That's all for now. Thanks for dropping by.

Much Love,


  1. OOOO gi Alamanda tak ajak g pun ya.......hehee
    g dan hubby pun suka makan kt sahara tent. cuma tu le.tekak org melayu ni kalo dpt pedas2 lg syok kan...

    bagusnyaa TPJ le control nafsu shopping...
    kalau g leh gak kontrol jgn sampai rumah termimpi2 dah la..
    ada yg terjah kedai tu balik, beli jugak at last..hehee

    Yeyy dpt kasut baru!Cun...sesuai je dgn outfit hr tu..

    1. Len kali kita lepak sama2 plak, ya? Aritu jumpa member pasal maid, ngadu & mintak khidmat nasihat percuma. ;) Kalu handbag, bleh lg control ada masa2 nya. Tapi kalu skirt ke, cardigan ke, palazzo ke, hurmm.. Selamat! Semalam try beli Harem Pants tapi lain la Gee, x mcm yg Gee pakai tuh.. Mcm suar tido jek?

  2. Looks so fun! I can't wait to save some money and go on big shopping trip!

    1. It was fun, yep.. But that was only the "preview".. LOL.


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