HFW Day 5 ~ Eid @ Formal Occasion

Salam. Well, it's Day 5 now and the theme for today is Eid or Formal Occasion.
I'm gonna share my way of maintaining modesty in a very formal occasion where dressing up is crucial. Here goes:

This black velvet dress was tailored to be worn at an award ceremony but something happened I couldn't attend. Anyways, the ensemble was of the followings:

Light Yellow Voile Square Scarf & Black Inner ~ Jalan Masjid India, KL. 
Black-Silver Velvet Dress ~ KAMDAR Fabric Store, KL. 
Sleeveless Long Cardigan ~ Korean Outfits' Wholesale.
Black & Beige pearls ~ Sabah Pearl Market.
Silver Clutch ~ Idaman Suri, Langkawi. 
Wedges Pump ~ Dr. Cardin
Other than the cardigan & the wedges, everything else was bought some donkey years ago. ^_^

There you go. Now the dress is back in the wardrobe once more.

Thanks for dropping by.
xx, TPJ.

for more looks do visit http://www.lovehfw.com


  1. kalau blouses akak ada satu dua hitam. baju kurung tak banyak pun. takat selai kot.

  2. I love your hijab ! it looks very good :)

    X shay

  3. that design is beautiful masha'Allah and looks great on you :)

    1. Thanx, Sarah.. Glad i've got a chance to actually wear it here.

  4. Masyallah that dress is beautiful on u!!

    1. Thank you, dear.. At least I got the chance to wear it here.. Heheh.


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