Saturday Outing

Salam. Hope your weekend has been awesome so far. Mine was superb, quality time from daylight till not so light.  
It was the time for Madagascar 3, as promised. The show started at 4pm, but we took off earlier to grab some lunch. 
Nothing beats the joy of seeing your loved ones eat so passionately. 

My small group has always casually dressed, so I myself chose to dress down to fit in well. Gotta put a jacket on, though, since the tee was sleeveless. I also buckled a belt so dear to me around the waist.

(Psst.. this was another nightie, actually). Love the prints!
I guess the light yellow square voile Hijab matched well with it.

I kinda missed my jeans so much that I just had to wear them.
And completed the look with a pair of shoes with strings.  

When the day was lighted with neon, we were still outside.
The jacket was already became nasty to the sweat.
It was time to go home.

I ate so much that I resolved to burn some calories on the bike but I could hardly open my eyes after Isya' prayer.
Hurmm.. me and my excuses. 
But wait, I did just that today after Subuh.

Gonna get going again later. School starts tomorrow, so the young man of mine would of course wanna have some more fun beforehand.
That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by.

xx, TPJ.


  1. Dik....suka tgk cara u pakai hijab...tutup penuh depan..tolong bg tutorial sikittt... :)

    1. Tq akak.. Dgn bantuan inner scarf tu. Bab2 tutorial neh yg den lomah neh.. Heheh. Senang nanti kita jumpa, live demo gitiew.. ;)

  2. wahhh seronoknyaaa....g duk umah je weekend ari tu...

    1. Weekend neh ada masanya bagus duk rmh aje, Gee.. Rehat abis2an. ;)

  3. Salaam Muslim sister,

    Have you ever thought that putting too much importance on your outer appearance and being too fascinated with foolish fashion is like having a teacher give you an examination paper on which you doodle and scribble random things around the pages and completely ignore the questions... you submit the exam paper to the teacher, she looks at your paper that contains no answers but random drawings etc. what do you think will that teacher think of you? :)

    You post all these random photos of many of your beautiful dresses and fashion accessories etc. do you think Allah while He is always watching is pleased with you when you do that? :)

    Think about it sister in Islam.


    1. Wa'alaikumussalam. Let's try to look things at brighter side, shall we? Have I in any way breached any regulation of covering my aurah? Let's not forget by showing other sisters to dress in modesty and proper manner is also a part of my fardu kifayah, like it or not. Perhaps we should practice more wisdom in our da'wah rather than bashing others out in public. If you think that this kind of thing is way below your cup of tea or intelligence, my blog of random posts should never be your place of visit.


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