Colors of The Day

 Salam. I couldn't really sleep last nite. Lots of things in my head. Plus, I knew the fact that it was gonna be an emotional day ~ as been explained in my earlier entry.
Yet still I had to hit the road very early in the morning to get to the Immigration Office. 
So I'd intentionally chosen bright colors since last night to be worn today.
At least I would somehow attract more positive energies, that was what I had in mind.

To some people I might dress for a wonderful occasion. Far from that, actually. Never mind, smile as sweet as you can, that was what I kept telling myself.

My ensemble was:
~ Two-tone pashmina of red & black
~ Yellow Terengganu Batik top
~ Silver-blue pants
~ Brown Pumps

The embroidery was DIY thingy of mine last 2 years. That time I was very much into beads and sequins. Those were the days I still had ample times in my bucket.
Well, not anymore.

So, do enjoy life to the fullest. We don't know what future holds.

That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for keep coming back.
Love, TPJ.


  1. I just read your previous post and agreed. well, this is life.
    Hope u have a good day.

  2. u always look good in whatever colour ur wearing!
    Positif positif psositif!
    That's what i keep telling myself everyday... :)

    1. That's because I normally avoid wearing colors that suit me less, heheh.. Yep, we've gotta constantly remind ourselves to be positives.

  3. Your post dah lama tak appear kat my blog tak tau kenapa ....thats explain comments yg berderet disetiap post tu kan..
    So dah ok sikit ya?
    Take care sis...u senyum pun i tak nampak...asyik blur je... :-)

    1. Eh, bleh plak jadi gitu ye kanda? I'm ok, alhamdulillah.. Tqvm kak, amik berat. Nak tgk gambar tak blur, email me your FB account, kasi dinda jadi friend. Ngeh3x. Takpon, kasi your email, dinda bg satu unblurred version.

    2. Nak jd fren blh aje cuma akak tak rajin sgt la update status...tapi hari2 mmg email
      Fb acc pun guna email yg sama
      Heee tak sabar lah..nnt serempak blh cuit cuit :)

    3. Heheh. Akak la kena cuit dulu.. Dinda jenis rabun, jalan tak pandang org.. ;)


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