Cotton-Sateen Part 1(b)

Salam. So, here's another episode of Cotton-Sateen from me. 
Last time, pink and now blue.
Very soft blue. My friend, Af of Afridafabricut said there wouldn't be any re-stock, much to my dismay. 

I sent it to be tailored as a dress as well, but quite different cut from the pink one. I wore it first time last week, with a baby blue cardigan and peacock blue hijab.

Together with my beloved handbag, watch, rings and the cute bracelet I got from my forever pretty friend's blog shop, Mom & Tots Shoppe.   

It was a trio-outing actually, after work. Gotta 'refill' whatever necessary for the household. And of course, gotta stop at this favorite bakery of my son, to get his doughnuts.  

What a comfy thing to wear, this Cotton-Sateen...!

Well, there's another outstanding entry of this Cotton-Sateen series yet to be posted (in due course, perhaps..)
Final Countdown, actually.

Until then, thanks for dropping by.
xx, TPJ.


  1. Nice!
    G nk beli takde tailor yg baguss plak kt area rumah ni... :(

    1. Tqvm. Gee bleh try my tailor, pos aje baju contoh kat dia & pattern apa nak buat.. Kat Terengganu sana. ;)


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