Cotton-Sateen Affair ~ Afridafabricut

Salam. This post is for my junior friend, Af of Afridafabricut.
I ordered from her two pieces of fabrics each in two separate batch,
which accumulated to 4 pieces altogether.

1st fabric of the 1st Batch.
~ I made it into a sleeveless long dress and a blouse.

1st fabric of the 2nd Batch.
~ I made it into a pair of palazzo pants and the remainder? Mmmh.. yet to be determined.

I loved the output of those two items came in one outfit.

Wore them with pride for a quick getaway last week.

Anyways, I just got to know about Cotton-Sateen recently, when Af started to sell them in her blog and FB. I googled about it and voila! So much info I came across with. For more, click here. And apparently satin is not sateen, which explains the difference in spelling, as you can see here.

And I just can't get enough of Cotton-Sateen now. It feels so silky and soft and cool against your skin. I could wear it all day long and even fall asleep in it, if I choose to. 

I'd definitely blog more about the outfits I made from the rest of the fabrics I purchased from  Afridafabricut. Bear with me, ya? LOL. Don't hesitate to visit this sweet young lady's blog, you're gonna have to see the fabrics 'live' to appreciate their quality and beauty. It's more than meets the eyes. 

Thanks for dropping by.
I'm truly humbled.

xx, TPJ.


  1. sateen-cotton?..tu la macam tak kena kan? tapi dah kata lembut..ok la tu..akak ni yg malas nak beli kain pasang2 ni sebab takde tailor yg sesuai..kalau ada tailor memang mengila la tempah heee :)
    bagus info ni..nanti akak tengok site dia :)

    1. Ada tailor nye.. Nanti kita bgtau akak, ya. Try la sepasang kak, best sgt2 kain nye..

  2. usually akak main beli yang siap je. My size ada kat British India.. Kengkadand suka satu2 design tu, beli satu then suruh tailor buatkan.

    1. British India memang Da Bomb! Tapi rega nye pon mak aaai.... Heheh. Itu macam kalu, kasik snap satu gambar, balik suh tailor jahitkan. Boleh gak, kan? ;)

  3. minat betul fabric yang corak paisley tu...teringin nak beli sepasang untuk raya :)

    1. Beli, dear Liza.. Best sgt fabrik ni. Raya sakan sari semalam pon x panas.. Hehe.


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