Harmonizing Blue and Red

Felt like digging in some old stuff in my closet for so-called 'room adjustment'. And picked something up to actually mix and match ~ a loose batik print chiffon top. Turquoise Blue brushed with a touch of pink and yellow rainbow-like patterns.

I paired it with the followings:
1) Laced Hijab in black, which was half sewn with red cotton.
2) Blue inner scarf. 
3) Two-pieces black & maroon maxi dress from Hijabi Boutique.

I didn't feel like accessorizing it much, enough with this sparkling necklace. 

Pardon me for the quality of the shots, you can't really see the black and red laced hijab.

 It was a bit too loose may be, even for me. Yeah, later on I'd have to actually wear a belt to make some style out of it, I guess...

Until next time, folks.
Thanks for dropping by.
xx, TPJ.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanx, dear.. What a relief we have inner scarfs nowadays..!


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