Najwa ~ New Hijabi On The Block

It all started with Yuna Zarai. Then, came a New Hijabi On the Block by the name of Najwa Latif, whom I didn't take much interest in. Her debut single, Cinta Muka Buku (Facebook Love) wasn't my cup of tea, frankly speaking. Until I heard her latest single, Kosong (Empty). And her collaboration with Singaporean hip-hop duo, Sleeq ~ Untuk Dia (For Her).

 She's quite something and looks like she's heading nowhere other than ahead. I think I'm starting to like her more and more each song goes by. Her fashion sense has somewhat improved as well, slowly but surely.

What a sweet lil thing she is..

Thanks for dropping by, folks. That's all for now.
xx, TPJ.


  1. Takpe je..

    {mcm kelakar je panggil nama camni..hehe}

    Najwa ni dh agak lama terkenal...Mula2 famous dgn lagu cinta muka buku. Skrg ni lg ramai artis2 yg konsep mcm ni x ingat pulak nama derang... ;)

    1. Ala, mama gee.. Takpeje panggil gitu, x kelakar..hahah. Akak panggil TPJ kan senang?


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