Over To You, Son.

Salam. New semester has begun for about a week now. Last Friday I got an SMS from Junior's Class Teacher to confirm my attendance on Report Card Pick-up the following day. I was automatically worried about his Arabic, considering the fact that he didn't seem to cope with it just yet. 

Junior was very eager to show me his classroom and became an awesome 'tourist guide'.
At least that could give me something else to focus on. I was actually preparing myself to see his Arabic results, coz last year he scored ZERO for Imlaa' (spelling).

We waited about 5 minutes before going in. Teacher Arfah turned out to be very  pleasant looking and friendly that I liked her instantly. Once seated, my eyes immediately sought for the most crucial subject as far as Junior was concerned. He got 68 for Arabic and 86 for Imlaa'. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Thanks to his Arabic tutor who's been very dedicated and ever so patient with him. 

I noticed that Junior had sort of minor dyslexia ~ when it comes to certain alphabets like B, C, D, P, he tend to write them either upside down or other way around. 
But once he got them right, he wouldn't go wrong anymore. The same with Arabic. He was having hard time to write most of the alphabets. And  he couldn't even begin to synchronize all those alphabets into a single verb or noun or sentence. That's why I went to look for a tutor who's been teaching him for about 3 months now. 

I choked and thanked Junior for doing a great job, for making me proud and happy.
He wrapped his small arms around me ever so sweetly.
He was busy telling loads of things about his art and craft throughout the drive home.
And I was busy crying behind my sunglasses. Tears of joy of an insanely proud mom.

I don't have a son who gets full marks all the time. But at least he knows how much I believe in him to make the best out of himself. For that, I thank Allah in total humbleness. Alhamdulillah...


  1. Alhamdulillah TPJ....ada perubahan pd Junior...aunty pun tumpang proud! :)

    1. Emo mummy dia, Gee.. Heheh. Maklum ler, asyik dpt kosong jer, sekali melonjak mcm tu mau tak nanges?

  2. Tahniah junior...and tahniah jgak tu mommy dia tu...nanges ek? Hehee tgu la bila junior dpt 5A nnt...mau meraung kot...hahaa
    Gurau je ya dik...Alhamdulillah dgn perkembangan junior.. :)

    1. Nanges, kak.. Happy. Bukan senang nak bawak dia ke tahap sekarang.


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