Sleepless In Kuantan

Salam. I've been going to watch movies quite often lately. But earlier this month was my first time to do so outside Kuala Lumpur. It was Men In Black 3. 

The Golden Screen Cinema was packed with youngsters. 
Kuantan was alive, wow! And we grabbed 4 tickets for 2.45 am show. 
Now, that was insane! 

Impromptu as it was, I just hijabified my nightie with a chiffon hijab, long sleeves tee, over-sized pants and a pair of Crocs.
Then I noticed afterwards my photo had been bombed! Hehehe.
Take a closer look at the girl behind me. She was having her sweet time photo-bombing at her level best. 
Well, she was cute. Hence, forgiven. *wink *wink.

MIB 3 was fun. Would have enjoyed it more if the time was much friendlier to the body clock! I couldn't help noticing how much Will Smith has aged. And I felt so old myself. Anyways, it was emotional MIB sequel to me.
Especially when they decided to reveal Agent J's dad upon his death.
It broke my heart to see the connection between Agent J and Agent K unfold. Gotta fight back tears. Ishhhh....!

I knew I would have ended up watching next to a sleeping guy.
But I also knew that he'd then wake up and smile ever so sweetly.
And that was exactly what happened.

Now I know what to do next time we're in Kuantan.

That's all, folks. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Humbled me to the max. 

xx, TPJ.


  1. Ohh g sgt suka gaya TPJ , sinonim dgn gaya g suka je tgk utk ambil idea... :)

    nk tgk Madagascar 3 tapi tak tgk2 lg...TPJ dh tengok?

    1. Tima kasih, Gee. Omputih kata, The Feeling Is Mutual. I like your styles as well. Sesuai la dgn umur 30an kita gitiewwww... ;) Madagascar 3 daa tgk, last week. Tgk la, mmg best yaamat..!

    2. nk tgk minggu ni hubby outstation pulak....nak tgk sorg2 tu....dont hv guts yet! hahaah padahal bukan apapun kan...duk dlm tu diam2 tgk citer...abis..balik! tp still cam janggal je tgk sorg2...

    3. Madagascar 3 tgk sorang2 boleh, tp gelak secara solo ler... Ngeh3x.

  2. Replies
    1. Alaa... Syian. Download ler (tapi tak sama, kan?)


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