It's All In Our Minds

Salam. As I write this entry, my beloved friends have just officially divorced. I'm crushed. There goes a 28 years of bitter-sweet union out of the drain.
But that's what life is. Full of surprises. Like a box of different candies. We don't know which one we'd get. Then again, it was their choice. The best or the worst is not our say. We never lived their life. So who are we to judge?

So as people see my smiling pictures that I've uploaded in my FB before making this entry, I've been crying inside. I refused to even attend the fateful event. I don't want to cry. Enough of that. My own sadness has drained the tears. Can't risk swollen eyes. Not today. I'd do that later. On my own. When nobody's around.

*Sigh Big Time*

Dear readers, when I'm sad I tend to find reasons to smile. And reasons to go on fighting in this world of lies. Come smile with me...

A hug would be nice.
Just let me hug myself and say the nicest things to my own ears.
I deserve all those sweetness from my own good self.
For there are no other worst enemies in this world but our own selves.

Thanks for being there and trying to smile with me.
Bye for now.

Much love, TPJ.


  1. i can smile and cry together with u... :)
    hidup g pun byk liku2nya...dah puas menangiss dah..skrg je br nk belajar senyum....

    1. Tqvm, gee.. ^_^
      Senyum Seindah Suria. Sebarkan Kebahagiaan. Damai Di Hati, mudah2an.

    2. Yup...InsyaAllah g cuba senyum selalu...sbb org2 kat office ni kata g muka garang@tension huhuhu. Org yg tak kenal g plak kata g sombong...Adess...taklah sombong cuma pemalu + pendiam je....
      Lepas ni kenalah tukar perwatakkan tu jadi seorang yg penceriaa.... :)

    3. Byk org yg pemalu macam tu, gee. Salah persepsi jadinya org, Sama gak dgn TPJ dulu2. Then, tukar sket cara.. Malu tapi senyum tak sudah2 mana yg patut. Baru org tak senang rasa TPJ sombong. ;)

  2. Just imagine that i'm hugging you right now dear....sorry to hear about your friend...she is brave...not me :'(
    Hug hug...are u ok now? Lets hug one more......

    1. Heheh. Tqvm kanda.. Wangi la bau kakak neh. Chewah, bab2 berimaginasi, kan? Hugging u in return..

  3. To Be Happy and To Sad i think it a choice..
    sometime we pass a sad time then happy than sad again its like a life circle.. proses being mature grow up to be better.. :)
    So dont let you sad fallin you.. just cheers up..


    1. Thanx, dear for yer sweet words of wisdom. Sadness will eventually go away or at least fades in time.. Yeah.


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