HFW Day 7 ~ Style Crush

This is the most challenging theme for me. I noticed that most Hijabistas have been promoting some breathtaking BOLD colors in their styles. I've been totally inspired to get much bolder, so to speak.

I bought this color block maxi skirt from Miss Allysya, thanks to gorgeous Sha, the owner. 

Paired it with orange comfy shoes from Alain Delon.

Together with a brown long cardigan and baby pink t-shirt. 

For Hijab, I chose a beige pashmina together with shocking pink inner.

Yeah, may be not as bold as other sisters have obviously shown.
But suits me and my age, I guess. Heheh.

Thanks a trillion to all the team of Love Hijabi Fashion Week (sister Wafa in particular) and the supportive participants this time around. I had a blast, Alhamdulillah. May Allah Grant us His Blessings and Guidance towards a better sisterhood, Insya Allah.

Thanks all for dropping by.
So This Is Goodbye..?
xx, TPJ.

For more looks, do visit http://lovehfw.com


  1. Really like this look on you.. The color work great together

    1. Thanx, Imani dear. Kinda earth meets bold, i guess? :)

  2. Sisters i will uploading new colors for the skirt later today. Please check out http://missallysya.blogsspot.com

    1. There you go, welcome aboard Tak Pe Je Airline, dear Sha.. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Tima kasih, kakak.. Appreciate it. Thanks for keep coming back & leaving sweet thoughts of yours.

  4. Looks great, sis! It's always important to be comfortable in the style you wear!

    It's been a pleasure having you join us, this season, for Hijabi Fashion Week!

    ♥ Wafa of LoveHFW.com

    1. Thanx, love, for having me. May Allah Bless you and your team's works.. Huge rewards await you gals.. Insya Allah.


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