Wonderful Friday ~ Blue, Peach, Pink and Purple

Salam. Juma'ah Barakah everybody..! How are you guys doing, by the way? Today I wore Baju Kurung, Malays' traditional outfit. The fabric was saree I bought for Eid-ul-Fitri about 4 or 5 years ago, lost track of the actual date. I matched the blue kurung with a peach hijab, pink inner and pink-purple block shoes. I guess the 'feature look' for today was obviously the shoes, given the statement colors by themselves. But it was meant to be, since the other colors were very soft and tender.

 I had a lunch appointment today at KL Sentral, after which a BFF of mine came to accompany me finish my chicken pie and hot latte. What a lovely time it was, lost track of the time chatting. She drove me home after picking up her son at a nearby nursery. Well, it wasn't really a nursery, actually. She was lucky to know a couple of elderly who could babysit her kid(s) one after another throughout these years. 

It was a cozy house they had, beautifully surrounded with loads of trees.
And I was sad to see how bad the extremely hot weather of late had done to the greens.
Anyways, it felt so good to be riding home with my BFF and her son.
Definitely a wonderful Friday thus far.

Thanks for dropping by, lovelies. Have a blast on your weekend!
xx, TPJ.


  1. wow!! shocking pink tu kasut tu.. Nice color.

    1. I called it "Feature Look" boleh? Heheheh.. Like feature wall in home deco or sumethin? ;)

  2. ayunyaaaa,,,,,,,
    g takde lg kasut kaler shocking2 ni..
    yg ada just plain basic color je
    boringg nyaaa....

    1. Rasa ayu berkurung biru, mcm hari raya plak, heheheeh..
      Gee, TPJ masa kecik kasut byk kaler yg striking. Dah kertu neh baru belajar pakai semula kaler2 gitiew..
      Kita beli la utk raya nanti, ya?

  3. Your dresses are so lovely... ma shAllah.
    Follow each other.


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