Now That You're Gone

Salam. Fathers' Day is celebrated worldwide (in most countries, anyway) on the 3rd Sunday of June every year, which makes it on 17th of June this time around. The 3rd year without dad anymore. Feels like yesterday. 

About one month before he was gone, we went on vacation in Padang, Indonesia. The best moments EVER. He couldn't stop talking about it even after we came back from the trip. 

He was having the time of his life. Never seen him as happy and relaxed before. And ever so romantic with mum. Seemed like they were on honeymoon or something. And nothing beats the joy to see him finished all the meals! He was totally into Padang cooking. 

We were laughing a lot. Now there's only tears to cry...
So much I wanna tell him and make him laugh.
But then again, Allah must have had bigger plans for him.
And I have just gotta keep making him proud.

Happy Fathers' Day.

xx, TPJ.


  1. ALFATIHAH buat beliau.. Semoga aman..ALHAMDULLILAH akak still ada ayah..

    What do u think about celebrating father's day.. For me, ok je asal tak melampau..

    1. Tq kak. Fathers' Day or Mothers' Day to me is about officially ackowledging our parents, to say thanks for their love and affections in a special way. Apa2 sambutan pon kalau melampau mmg x elok, kan?

  2. Salams TPJ
    This post made me tear up :(
    So sorry to hear about your father.
    I admire Muslim families so much - so much love and happiness.

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam, dear Yessenia. Been crying inside out myself, actually. Memories are meant to be treasured..

  3. :( akak pun baru lagi kehilangan ayah...last year 29th sep pnghujung syawal...Al Fatihah utk ayah2 rkita yaa...
    Ya Allah...Dia saja yg tahu mcmana akak ni.hari hari ingatkan dia...rindu sgt..ayah terbaik yg Allah berikan pada akak...suami terbaik kpd mak..Alhamdulillah

    1. Ye, akak.. Manusia pergi tinggalkan nama dan kenangan. Menyayangi mereka, kita sambungkan dgn doa dan amalan baik...


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