New Clothes Old Friends

Salam. I've got this particular cardigan that has been my BFF all this while.
Knitted and warm, I always wear it to sleep. Very helpful especially in a heavily air-conditioned room. 

Last week right after coming back from Junior's Report Card Day, we went for a quick getaway. Later that nite I even wore the old cardigan of mine to grab a dinner in Bangsar. 
Still presentable and passed an outfit of style. Can't believe I bought it more than 10 years ago! LOL.

Matched well with the new printed Julie Maxi skirt of Miss Allysya.

Glad that I took both, thanks to Sha's sound advice and generous price.

Really love this skirt, both the prints and the design. Different cut from all those flared maxi skirts I usually wear. 
For an alternative or versatility, I guess.  

Paired it with my denim wedges. 

This brings me to a friend's status in FB:
"Clothes are best when new, Friends are best when old"
Well, when clothes are your friends, both rules apply.

That's all folks, thanks for dropping by.
xx, TPJ.


  1. tak ramai old fren yang still keep in touch. but i have one really close to me from 1984 till now.

    1. It's ok kak.. Quality sometimes doesn't mean quantity.

  2. Mcm mana tu dik..? Friends are best when old..? Old like me? I AM old... Huhuuu

    1. Old friends are the best of friends, kakak.. Heheh. Bukan pada age, tapi pada years of togetherness. Gitiewww...

  3. alaaa g nk jadi old prens TPJ gaklah camtu...hahaha....
    skirt tu lawaa lah TPJ...berkenan g tgk..

    1. Owh, jemput jemput jemput makan.. Tambah tambah nasi. Hehehe, moh ler kita berkawan sampai tua.. Skirt tu kalu dah berkenan, beli aje sepasang, Gee..


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