Poppy Tuesday

Image from thepoplook.com

Salam. I've been 'aiming' maxi dresses from thepoplook.com quite some time now but not too sure about the sizing. Until I became friends with Mama Gee. After a few Q & A's sessions with her, I ordered a green Poppy Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress as you can see above. (And a purple Arabian Nights Maxi Dress for mom). 

When I received my parcel yesterday, I immediately knew that I've gotta layer the dress with something more striking in color. Or else I'd look pretty dull, given the color against my skin. 

So here's my version of this maxi dress:-

The mustard (owh, what color exactly was it)-green pashmina + sleeveless orange cardi + pink shoes seemed to make a good combo there. At least in my humble opinion. 
Now that I know what size to order, gotta be easier... Credits to Mama Gee, of course.

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. Muahahaah...me is jelessss u knowww.........u look so good it it....lain kali leh beli lg lah kan...and the combo mmg marvelesss......i wish i pun pandai mix kan kaler like u do...

    i wish i look good in my polkadot chiffon too........oh my...kena gigih diettt ni....


    1. Ala, Gee.. I'm sure you'd look twice as good in your polka dot chiffon. Boleh tu, dah jumpa Mr. B esok byk ler idea tuh.. Ngeh3x.

    2. hahaah sementara ni otak tepu lg ya TPJ.. hehe

  2. Replies
    1. Thanx, dear.. Gotta watch out for more of Poplook's items, ya? ;)

  3. suka dress ni tapi takut pendek bila saya pakai..huwaa.anyway.. u look awesome in this dress :)

    1. Liza, kalu u're much taller than the model, the chance is memang dress tu senteng. Tapi kalu lebih kurang, shd be ok, takpun jadi Midi, u kena pakai leggings plak.. ;)


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