Monday Highlight ~ Batik Sarong

Salam. Happy Monday, you guys. Quite a challenging one for me, actually. Loads of elements of surprise, let's just leave at that. As long as everything was still under control, I could call it a day at 6 pm. Alhamdulillah.
I wore Baju Kurung today, of Batik Sarong. A big fan of Asian traditional fabrics, I started to ask my tailor to make me kurung from them and Batik Sarong was among the first in line. 
I bought a dozen (the same prints) of Indonesian Batik Sarong in Langkawi about 4 - 5 years ago as souvenirs for my relatives back home. And I took two pieces to be made into this kurung as you can see here. Have always loved this one so very much. 

Then it became a habit. I bought a few others when I went to Langkawi again last 2 years. This Modern Kurung on the left was one of my eid-ul-fitri outfits that year. Even mom and my sister had their very own, all from Batik Sarongs of Langkawi. So very friendly to the weather in Malaysia, I tell you. And you could even go out without ironing them should you feel a bit too lazy or too much of a rush or something. If you know what I mean. *wink *wink.
Well, care to try?
Until next time, thanks for dropping by.
Much Love, TPJ.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, I had to use google translation but i guess now i should thank you in return. Hope your week began with good things yourself. Thanx for dropping by..

  2. cantik je kain batik sarung tu dibuat baju...tak terpkr dek minda ni ha...sbb g jenis tak pandai pakai kain batik....heheh....
    leh pakai kain batik, tp kena jahit dgn getah umah mertua pun berseluar je...takde nk berkain2 batik...

    1. Dah tak ramai org pakai kain batik, even kat kampung, kan? Loose.. silap aribulan terburai dpn org.. Hehehe. Skrg byk yg jual batik dibuat skirt @seluar, org pakai tido la pulak. Tourists suka sgt, sampai pakai pegi jalan2 kat KLCC tu..! Pernah TPJ nampak sorang tourist pakai kaftan corak batik pegi tgk wayang kat The Garden, Mid Valley.

  3. uniknyer...nk try buat satu baju kurung next time :) love your baju kurung (1st picture)..cantik

    1. Liza dearie, buat la.. Kelainan, kata org. The 1st 3 pictures tu baju yg sama, position duduk jer yg beza. Glad you loved it, thanx a mil.

  4. Akak ni setiap kali balik kmpg mesti ke pasar sehari ( di panggil NAT ) borong kain batik...i kan org tua...hehee kat rmh mmg berkain batik esp skrg cuaca betangin je kat dlm tu kan..wink* wink*
    Tp ni idea baru ni...baju kurung from kain sarong....nak try la bila jumpa tailor nnt
    Thanks dinda for your input :)

    1. Kanda try buat, pastu masukkan la lm blog... ^_^


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