Appointment Day

Salam. It's Wednesday already, almost the end of this week.
Like they say, one of the signs Qiyamat is approaching is that the time becomes shorter each day.
Anyways, it's yet another appointment day for me today.
And I wore my 1st ever hooded blouse. Wow! Sooo backdated, hehehe. 

I loved the simplicity of it, should have bought some long time ago.
It's just that I couldn't find any with this kinda cutting or length before.
Actually I chose to ka-ching one size bigger, which I am now thankful.
And I did some front covering with a modified awning hijab.
Well, the awning was damaged some time now, so I scissored it off to leave only the body, literally speaking.
It worked for me.

I arrived about 45 minutes earlier, just enough time to wander about the MPH, my favorite bookstore. The Cashier was quite amused when I asked her favor to snap my picture. Oh, well, as long as it's taken..

I went to flip over my new mag at the meeting point.
Quite sleepy after some time that I had ordered a cup of 'Neslo',
a combination of Nescafe and Milo (kinda choc drink).
Didn't wanna risk another sleepless night, or else I would've asked for my fav black coffee if not a cafe-latte. 

The clock was so vintage that I was taken back in time when my lovely grandfather kept a similar one at his cozy home.
Anyways, the appointment went well, Alhamdulillah.
Reached home in one piece.


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