Tunic Meets Skirts

This post goes to my new pal, dearest Sha of Miss Allysya
Even though I was still dizzy standing still for a pose or two,
I guess the Totti Color Block Tunic and Flared Maxi Skirts I got from her boutique deserve to be shared without further ado.  

I prefer to wear the tunic with my jeans actually,
but this look is exclusively paired for the purpose of this entry.

It makes quite a different impact, don't you think?
More feminine, as I see it.

Then again, it's really up to us to personalize or customize anything at all.
I've just gotta pretend not to notice the gorgeous white cotton blouse Sha happened to make her BBM's profile picture this evening.

Well, pretend harder, TPJ...!

xx, salam.


  1. Replies
    1. Ye kakak.. Setuju, cantik dgn jeans. Tapi skirt & tunic itiew dibeli dari tempat yg sama, nak kasi tunjuk sket mcmana kalu tunic digayakan dgn skirt, heheheh.


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