Loosen Up & Down

Salam. My sister said I look good in loose clothing, kinda boho. And she described my style as 'Muslimah Boho'. Well, I started to dress in such a way early January 2012. A nod nod approval by mom, of course. Not that I wanna please her, but it's good to make her smile. I actually chose to dress my age but didn't wanna lose my identity at the same time either. 

When asked why I began to do posts on fashions, I said it's kinda Fardu Kifayah on my part to convey this message: The choice is ours ultimately, should we opt to cover beautifully and still look fashionable. At least it's my small contribution to the world of da'wah.

Like this Kurung Pahang. So much so that it's a traditional outfit, it's loose enough even with a belt surrounding the waist, if you choose not to tighten it up. Says who it's only gonna be less stylish when it's loose? It's all in our minds, to me.

See, why aren't the bracelets worn so tight anyway? More comfy to wear them loose, right?
So that the blood circulation won't be somewhat interrupted.

Same with handbags. They are best worn loose as opposed to tightly to your arms.
And undergarments, no need to ponder more into such issues.
Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problems with those who prefer tight clothing.
I meant to say that it's very much stylish to wear loose just the same.
In the end, it's all about comfort.

That's all for now, thanks a zillion for keep coming back for more.
xoxo, TPJ.



  1. eemm..u r rite.. now i tgh suka pakai jubah,,rasa comfortable sangat.

    1. ;) bila kita suka, aura positif byk keluar, kan?


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