Nightie Make-Over on Sunday

Salam. How was your weekend, you guys? Ever thought of going out in your nighties, anyone? 
I intentionally, pre-meditated to the core did just that. Guilty from the start alright. I saw several nice nighties on sale last week when I went to grab some bread for mom. 
I took home two pieces (apart from the bread) and actually wanna go again tomorrow for another two. If they are still available, of course. Owh, I hope they are. Please...

I wore one of them today for a family outing. Layered it with a plain white long sleeves t-shirt. And paired it with my favorite white pants.

The red-green combo Pashmina was meant to spice things up a bit.
Together with that cute pinkish red sling handbag of mine.
And to complete my Casual Sunday look:
the grey shoes for walking (in a sense of comfy, I mean) I got from Factory Outlet in KL Sentral.

Junior booked my time to watch Madagascar 3 already..

Finally I had the chance to watch The Avengers. What a yesterday news! 
But I had a great laugh it worth the wait. 

Owh, please don't look at me like that, Thor..
At least not with that smile.

That's all folks, thanks for keep coming back.
xx, TPJ.


  1. anak2 akak frustrated sebab tak dapat nak tgk The Avengers.heee/midnite punya.. sure balik pukul 3.

    1. Bwk yg ptg nye show, kak.. Mlm mmg x larat depa berjaga..

  2. Alaaa takyah la nk blur kan wajah mu dinda..karang terlanggar bahu kat mall pun tak kenai plk...:)
    Akak dah tgk avengers...anak2 bujang pakat2 khatam 2 ...3 kali....depa ni suka buang duit n mmg seronok ptg ni nk tgk mib3 plk....hemmm cuti sklh pnya pasallll :)

    1. Hehe.. Xpe, dinda kenal kanada sebab wajahmu tidak di 'blur' kan.. Kalu terlanggar bahu, dinda would go like, "Eh... Kanda....!" terus nyanyi lagu Seiring dan Sejalan. Lalalalalalala, laaaaaaa... Berlari berkejaran..


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