Night's Breeze

It rained today in Klang Valley. All throughout the evening.
No wonder it had been extra hot since morning.
So the night's breeze was very cooling.
I decided to drive to the nearest mall for a quick appetite hunting.
All by myself.
But my other half insisted to accompany me and we ended up going with Junior.
Not according to the actual plan.
Well, it's one of those time in the month, you know, when you have extra miles of mood swings. 

The Thai restaurant we went to didn't help much either.
Even my two guys, the senior and the junior had a few bites only.
That's the risk most Thai restaurants have gotta endure: constant changes of chefs.
Hence, non-consistency of signature dishes.
Ah, never mind. Thank you Allah, for the meals nonetheless.

Anyways, since I didn't have the mood to snap much shots at the restaurant,
I just asked my brother to quickly take some pictures once I was home. 

I wore a Kashmir lilac silk Pashmina, which I bought in Abu Dhabi last year.
The cotton butterfly blouse was from Scarlet Plus, lurvee it.. super soft, super comfy.
And the lycra light brown maxi skirt was from Miss Allysya
As you should know by now, I'm a huge fan of two online shops. So they would always pop out here and there everywhere in my entries.
Unless they stop selling fab outfits, of course, which I doubt ever gonna happen.

There's this brooch I love so much. It reminds me of a vintage brooch my mom bought in a Car Boot's Sale someplace in Dundee, UK like when-was-it-again-donkey years ago.
I think I'm definitely gonna get a few more soon.
Oh, I bought it from a brooch heaven somewhere in Jalan Masjid India when I went for a quick Sunday outing with my son.

Well, it's raining again outside.
It's gonna be a cold night and definitely beautiful weather awaits tomorrow morning.
Take care, you guys.
Thanks for keep coming back.

xx, TPJ.


  1. Mood swing???Owh sila join the club...akak pun baru lps meleleh leleh ntah apa apa....dengar doa dhuha kat u tube menangis...dengar lagu maher zain u the one punnnn menangis jgk...mcm gila
    Klau tahu u nk merayau masa mood kelam kabut gini i pun nk join heheee ;)

    1. Saat2 yg rapuh lagi merapuhkan.. Rapuh dan Merapu-Rapu? ;) We're in d same boat, sis..


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