Red Loves Yellow

Salam. How are you guys doing? I've been quite busy lately. Especially now that payday is just around the corner, so much yet to be settled.
Being a juggler like most of women today, that spells hectic to me.

Today I feel like writing about two striking colors, namely Red and Yellow. I don't know why but since time immemorial I've always chosen yellow hijab for red blouse or baju kurung or dress or the like. And vice versa. There was one time when I was fifteen, my friends went berserk to see me wearing red hijab with striking yellow batik modern kurung. 
Well, that's me being me, oblivious to others' perspective. 

Like this picture of me picking strawberries from an old album.
Red seemed to love yellow and the feeling was mutual, so to speak.
Those were the days when nothing boho in my closet yet, ehem.

Years have passed and the feeling remains the same.
Old habit dies hard, I guess. Or I just love to stay exactly the way I've always been. Either that or I'm just me.

Thanks for keep coming back, you guys.
I'm humbled.

xx, TPJ.


  1. Assalamualaikum dinda :)
    Pakai je dinda...mmg kena pun red n yellow..akak ni kekdg belasah je bila nk klyar sedar2 biru..merah..brown kehkekeh...masa tu mmg tak kluar kete laa
    Anyway i dah stabil dahhh cuma tak sempat nk update blog..sibuk sikit :)
    Take care ya ;)

    1. W'alaikumussalam. Owh, kanda dah normal, ya? Heheh.. Alhamdulillah, itu sudaaa bagus, baaa.. Jugglers like us memang selalu sibuk, kanda. You take care too, wokeh? ;)

  2. Salam sis, thank you for droppin' by my blog, you also have a nice blog too and good to know that you have a friends from my country :)

    1. W'alaikumussalam, sis. Thanks for your visit here, feels like Eid-ul-fitri already... :)


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