Saree on Monday

It's Monday again, hi everybody..! And let's begin our week with positive energy.
I finally got a chance to wear a dress made from saree that my future sister-in-law brought all away from India. She's taking Medic there, in case you wonder.

I really like this picture editor, been trying this and that during my ample time.

Look at the long dark brown cardi, well blend with the saree.
Well, just ignore the fact that I looked funny in such reflection of blurred face. 

Or here, when the photo is somewhat spread.

Entered recess.
We had lunch at Ruz Aladdin Briyani House, Ampang.
It was a shock when I finished the whole plate! 
Then everybody knew I really meant it when I said I felt like eating briyani.

Gotta check if there's any chicken leftover in between my teeth. *wink *wink.
At this juncture, I could clearly hear a band jamming at a studio two stairs above my office.
The beat somewhat lifted up the mood even more.

I noticed in my humbled blog's stats that I've got some viewers in India.
Wonder if one of them is my future sis-in-law, if she ever reads it anyway.
But if she does, and happens to see this, thanks a zillion dear for the gorgeous saree.
The remaining of the fabric I've asked my tailor to make me a long blouse.
Would definitely blog about it when it's done.

That's all folks.
Thanks for keep coming back.. humbled beyond words I am.

~ xoxo, TPJ.


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